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Mouse path taken on a webpage and click location


I’m currently using TagUI to export some data from a website that has bot detection.

So far after 2 weeks, I’m still safe but I’m not sure it’ll last forever especially if I step up my download frequencies to get more data.

The main script has just 2 lines:

click Download

The script is run headless (-h) on a ubuntu server running TagUI v6

The actual script has got like a few more lines to check if the file finished downloading but that’s not important.

How does TagUI simulate a mouse movement to click on a button?
I tried running the script on my laptop and I don’t see the mouse move.

Does TagUI always start from the same point in the screen and make a straight line for the “download” button and clicks on the exact same point every time? This would make bot detection pretty clear after some time.

How can I randomise the mouse path and click location to make it look like a human interaction?

Thank you.